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N3D Land – D Day

safe_image.php"D-DAY : NORMANDY 1944", the new IMAX 3D documentary N3D LAND Movies, creators "Océanosaures" (aka "Sea Rex"), sort le 2 The Geode April and on giant screens around the world.

Written and directed by Pascal Vuong and Ronan stereography Chapalain, le film de 40 made entirely in 3D 4K minutes door a new look at the Landing and the Battle of Normandy, first 3D IMAX. Mixing live action with CGI, Sand animation and special effects, N3D LAND Films is surrounded by several companies and French technicians, including many members of UP3D, to meet the many technical challenges required by the giant screen and push further his artistic ambition.

Until the release, Discover now the trailer :min-577
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Version internationale :
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NB : The film will also be screened in 3D on the big screen 6 June 2014 Zenith of Caen as part of the commemorations of the 70th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.