3D Stereo Media – Programme des Conférences

@3DSM2015Le 3d Stereo Media se prépare. Le programme des conférences et déjà en ligne et un certain nombre de membres d'UP3D sont parmi les conférenciers :

Conférences du 11 Décembre :

8:00 AM Session 1

Introduction to Professional Conference of 3D Stereo MEDIA,
Jacques G. Verly (University of Liège, Belgium - UP3D)

Latest advances in vision science,
Simon Watt (Bangor University, Wales)

Looking inside the 3D brain: uncovering the neural circuits that support stereopsis,
Andrew Welchman (University of Cambridge, UK)

Lessons learned from Cross Channel Film Lab experiments and trails to be followed in the future for improving S-3D cinematographic language, 3D
Joséphine Derobe (Lead Stereographer, France), Fabienne Tsai (Cross Channel Film Lab, France)

Common mistakes in stereoscopic cinematography, 3D
Markus Lanxinger (Stereographer, USA)

Shooting in 3D under water, 3D
Roberto Rinaldi (Cinematographer, Italy)

Virtual reality (VR) and 3D on mobile screens: a new way of immersive experience,
Hui Zhu (Ritech 3D, China), Yulu Wang (CTAA (China Television Artists Association) 3D Council, China), Sönke Kirchhof (Reallifefilm International GmbH, Germany)

12:25 Session 2

Role of stereoscopic 3D in education,
Bernard Collard (XPAND 3D, Cyprus)

Towers of Dubai, Chernobyl, drones, quadracopters, 3D
Jason Goodman (21st Century 3D, USA)

Immersive 3D sound,
Wilfried Van Baelen (Galaxy Studios, Belgium)

Shooting macroscopic S3D for IMAX, 3D
Thomas Villepoux (Binocle, France - UP3D)

Trifocal camera system,
Sönke Kirchhof (Reallifefilm International GmbH, Germany)

State of S-3D in the world, 3D
Jim Chabin (International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society, USA)

Making of "Call her Lotte", 3D
Annekathrin Wetzel (Miriquidi Film, Germany)

An upgrade path enabling high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut (WCG) rendering,
Erik Reinhard (Technicolor, France)

Dolby's approach to high-dynamic-range (HDR) and extended-gamut imaging,
Ian Lowe (Dolby, USA)

Ultrarealistic imaging,
Alaric Hamacher , SeungHyun Lee (Kwangwoon University, South Korea)

3D TV network,
Nicholas Routhier (SENSIO, Canada)

Title to be annouced, 3D
Angus Cameron (VISION3 Ltd, UK)

3D distribution plateform,
John Sitilides (3doo, USA)

"Cathedrals of Culture": about 3D architectural series for TV and cinema, 3D
Joséphine Derobe (Lead Stereographer, France)

How to participate in the Chinese 3D market,
Yulu Wang (CTAA (China Television Artists Association) 3D Council, China)

Making of "D-Day: Normandy 1944", 3D
Sylvain Grain (N3D Land Films, France - UP3D)

A vision for the future of cinema: CinemaBarco, Goran Stojmenovik (Barco, Belgium)
Making of "T.S. Spivet", 3D
Demetri Portelli (Stereographer, Canada)

End of PCON 2014


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