TitleYearRealisateurPaysSystemsAnalogue / DigitalFormatDuration3D
1920 Battle Warsawska2011Jerzy HoffmanPoland
29 February2012Malaysia
3 AM 22014
3-D Halloween1999GermanyPulfrich 3-DDigital video1.33:167
300: Rise of an EmpireMarch 7, 2014United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1102
3D Sex and Zen: Extreme EcstasyApril 14, 2011Hong Kong2.35:1128
40 Below and Falling2015Dylan PierceUSA4K3DDigital Video
47 RoninDecember 25, 2013United States
A Bugs Life1998
A Christmas CarolNovember 6, 2009United StatesDigital 3D2.39:196
A Haunting In Salem2011
A man in a green glove1968USSRPs 70 mm1.37:183Only parts of the film are in 3-D
A Man of Great Strength: In Ggyeok-Jeong1968South K
A Man with a Maid1975USA
A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's AdventuresAugust 4, 2010Belgium2.35:188Was also released to IMAX 3D theaters in dual 70 mm (DMR blow-up) with an aspect ratio of 1.44:1. Won Academy Award for Best Animated Feature; nominated for Academy Award for Best Picture.
A Very Harold & Kumar 3D ChristmasNovember 4, 2011[6]United StatesPanavision Genesis & 3ality Technica 3D Quasar Rigs2.39:190
A*P*E1976South KoreaWorldWide Entertainment Corp135 South Mccarty Drive Unit 101SpaceVision 3-DAfter 35 mm2.35:1
ABCD22015InsideDisney IndiaBeverly Hills, CA 90212 - View Map
About the strangeness of love1983USSRPs 70 mm1.37:148
Above Us All2014Eugenie JansenNetherlands
Abra Cadabra1985AustraliaTriangle 3-DAnaglyphic 35 mm2.35:193
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterJune 22, 2012United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1105First Kannada 3D movie.
Across the Sea of TimeOctober 20, 1995United States, CanadaIMAX 3-DDual 70 mm1.44:189Only partly in 3-D. Was shown anaglyphic.
Adam and Six Eves1962United StatesNatural Vision 3-DimensionDual 35 mm1.85:180OT: ___________ _______; Dragotsennyy podarok Gorky Film Studio
Adhisaya UlagamAugust 10, 2012IndiaDigital 3D95
Adieu Au langage2014France
Adventures in Animation 3DMay 18, 2004CanadaIMAX 3-DDual 70 mm1.44:141Also known as Blue Magic. Released in IMAX 3-D.
Agent F.O.X.October 30, 2015China90Also released in IMAX 3D.
Aikatsu! Music Award: Minna de Sh_ o MoraimaSHOW![27]August 22, 2015JapanAlso released in IMAX 3D.
Aleko1953USSRStereokino, LenticularSingle-strip 3-DCantonese comedy feature film
Alice in WonderlandMarch 5, 2010Tim BurtonUnited StatesDubbed into English and released in the US on February 26, 2011.
Alice Through The Looking GlassMay 20, 2016James BobinUnited States
Alien Showdown The Old Day The Old West Stood Still2013
Alien TrespassJanuary 2009United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:190Released in IMAX 3D
Alpha and OmegaSeptember 17, 2010United States1.85:178
American Mummy 3D2014Charles PinionAustralia
AmbuliFebruary 17, 2012India139Originally released in 1991.
America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills 2 in 3D1996United StatesPulfrich 3-DVideo (NTSC)1.33:179Only partly in 3-D. 2-D segments were shot on 16 mm.
America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills in 3D1994United StatesPulfrich 3-DVideo (NTSC)1.33:1Tamil language feature film
Americans Warships2012
Amityville 3-D1983United StatesArriVision 3-DAfter 35 mm2.35:185OT: _________ ____; Pokhishcheniye veka. Gorky Film Studio; Pokhishcheniye veka at the Internet Movie Database
AmphibiousNovember 1, 2010Indonesia
Andy Warhol's Frankenstein1974USA
Animals UnitedOctober 7, 2010GermanyDigital 3D2.35:193
Annai Bhoomi1985IndiaVIJAYALAKSHMI FILMS2.39:190Dubbed into several languages including English. New scenes were shot for the US version in StereoVision 3-D.
Ant-ManJuly 17, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:1117Also released in IMAX 3D.
Aola StarJuly 23, 2015China92Also released in IMAX 3D in China.
Ap BoktoSeptember 2014Bhutan53First Mexican film to be filmed in 3D.
Appartment 13032013USA
Ardennes Fury2014Germany
Arena1953United StatesMetrovision Tri-DeeDual 35 mm1.37:1Also in IMAX 3D in China.
Argentina1.78:1The Spanish title is Don Top Cat.90Partly 3D.[4] Kannada film industry's first 3D film.
Arthur ChristmasNovember 23, 2011United Kingdom
Asterix, Le Domaine des Dieux2014Alexandre AstierFrance
Asterix et Obelix : Au Service de Sa Majest??2012Laurent TirardFranceWild Bunch109
Asylum of the Insane1967United StatesHorrorScopeAnaglyphic 35 mm1.85:183Only the dream sequences are in 3-D. The film was shown anaglyphic.
AustraliaFilmed in 2D2.39:1Also released in IMAX 3D.127
AvatarDecember 18, 2009James CameronUnited StatesFusion Camera System1.78:1/2.39:1162Originally released in 1995; re-rendered as a stereoscopic version.[1]
Avatar: Special EditionAugust 27, 2010James CameronUnited StatesFusion Camera System1.78:1/2.39:1171
Avengers Grimm2015
Avengers: Age of ultroneiMay 1, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1141Also released in IMAX 3D.
Aztec BloodJuly 4, 2014United StatesUltra3D1.7782Also released in IMAX 3D.
Babes In Toyland1934
Back To The Jurassic2015
Bad Trip 3D2014Frederic GroussetFrance
Bait Bait2012AustraliaArclight Films/Pictures in Paradise/Story Bridge FilmKimble Rendall
Batman vs SupermanMarch 25, 2016Zack SnyderUSA
Battle for TerraMay 1, 2009United States2.35:190
Battle of the YearSeptember 13, 2013United StatesSony F3 Cameras & 3ality Technica TS5 Rigs1.85:1110
Battle of Warsaw 1920September 23, 2011PolandFusion Camera System1.85:1115
Battle RoyaleNovember 20, 2011JapanFilmed in 2D1.85:1114
Batman vs SupermanMarch 17,2016USA
Beauty and the Beast[8]2010 January 13, 2012United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:192
Bemuda tentacles American warships 22014
BeowulfNovember 16, 2007United StatesDigital 3D2.35:1Was also printed on 35 mm for non-digital showings
Berry Ville (short)2015Iceland
Big Buck Bunny (Short)2008
Big Hero 6November 7, 2014United StatesDigital 3D2.39:1102
Black & White: The Dawn of JusticeOctober 1, 2014China
Black Friday2007
Black Lolita1975United StatesDeep VisionAnaglyphic 35 mm1.37:195Also known as Andy Warhol's Frankenstein
Blinky Bill: The MovieSeptember 17, 2015AustraliaDigital 3D1.85:191
Blonde Emmanuelle1990
Blood Lake Attack Of The Killer Lapreys2014
Blood Sisters 3D2003
BloodRayne 22007
Bloody Mary 3D2011
Bloody Mary The Legend Returns2011
BoltNovember 21, 2008United StatesDigital 3D1.85:196Released in IMAX 3D
BoogieOctober 22, 2009Argentina1.78:182
BraveJune 22, 2012United StatesDigital 3D2.39:193Also released in Digital IMAX 3D.
Brijes 3DSeptember 16, 2010MexicoFilmed in 2D2.35:190
BugsOctober 10, 2014China82
Bwana Devil1952United StatesNatural Vision 3-DimensionDual 35 mm1.37:1Also in IMAX 3D.
Call of the WildJune 15, 2009United States1.85:187
Camp Blood2000United StatesNu-ViewVideo field sequential1.33:145
Camp Blood 22000United StatesNu-ViewVideo field sequential1.33:1Made for television.
Captain America : Civil WarMay 16, 2016Anthony Russo,Joe RussoUnited States
Captain America: The First AvengerJuly 22, 2011United StatesFilmed in 2D2.35:1123Also released in IMAX 3D.
Captain America: The Winter SoldierApril 4, 2014United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1136
Captain Milkshake1970United StatesCinedepthDual 35 mm2.35:188Was shown in the US in Po 35 mm 2.00:1 as Frankenstein's Bloody Terror
Cars2006John Lasseter
Cars 2June 24, 2011John LasseterUnited StatesDigital 3D2.39:1106Also released in Digital IMAX 3D in selected international territories.
Cat-Women of the Moon1953United StatesTru-StereoDual 35 mm1.85:1Also in IMAX 3D.
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty GaloreJuly 30, 2010United States
Cavalleria rusticana1953ItalyChristians tridimensionalDual 35 mm1.37:181
Cease Fire!1953United StatesParavisionDual 35 mm1.66:1
Chain Gang1984United StatesStereoVisionAfter 35 mm2.35:190Was released in Po 2.35:1
Champagnegalopp1975SwedenWondavisionPs vertical 35 mm1.66:1Was shown Po 1.75:1
Charge at Feather River1953USA
Chhota Chetan1998Chennai, IndiaFilmed using Sterescopic 3-D LensesFilm2.35:140
Chicken LittleNovember 4, 2005United StatesRendered in 2D1.85:181
Chinese ZodiacDecember 12, 2012China2.35:1122
Chooran Shaves2014Inside
Chronicles of the Ghostly TribeSeptember 30, 2015China115
Cirque du Soleil: Worlds AwayDecember 21, 2012United StatesFusion Camera System1.85:191Also released in IMAX 3D in China.
Clash of the TitansApril 2, 2010United Kingdom
Cloudy with a Chance of MeatballsSeptember 18, 2009United StatesDigital 3D2.35:190
Cloudy With Chance Of Metballs 2September 27, 2013United StatesDigital 3D2.39:195
Comin' at Ya!1981Italy, Spain, United StatesOptimax IIIAfter 35 mm2.35:1
With death back1967Spain, France, ItalyHi-Fi Stereo 70[3]After 70 mm2.20:160Only partly 3-D, was released flat
Conan the BarbarianAugust 19, 2011United States
CoralineFebruary 6, 2009United StatesDigital 3D1.85:1101
Crazy Horse Paris2012
Creature From the Black Lagoon1954United StatesUniversal 3-DDual 35 mm2.00:180
Cristal Skulls2014
CyberworldOctober 6, 2000Canada, United StatesDigital 3-DDual 70 mm1.44:150
Damnation 3D2012
Dangerous Mission1954United StatesFuture DimensionDual 35 mm1.75:180Shown anaglyphic
Dark Country2009USA
Dark Flight2012
Dark Moon Rising2015
Dawn of the Planet of the ApesJuly 11, 2014United StatesArri Alexa 3D1.85:1131
Dead Before Dawn2012April MullenCanada
Dead Space Aftermath2011
Dear, DonÕt Be AfraidJuly 10, 2015China88
Deep Gold2011
Deliverance From Evil2012
Derri ?? re wallsJuly 6, 2011FranceShot in 3D1.85:190
Despicable MeJuly 9, 2010United StatesDigital 3D1.85:195
Despicable Me 2July 3, 2013United StatesDigital 3D1.85:198
Devil's Canyon1953United StatesNatural Vision 3-DimensionDual 35 mm1.37:179
Dial M for Murder1954United StatesWarnerVisionDual 35 mm1.85:160OT: _____Sovcolor; Lenfilm; Aleko at the Internet Movie Database
Dino Time2012
Dinosaurs & Other Amazing Creatures1995United StatesPulfrich 3-DVideo1.33:172OT: __ ______ _______ ______; folk tale, Gorky Film Studio;Na zlatom kryltse sideli at the Internet Movie Database
Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia2007United StatesIMAX 3D1.44:147The 3D version was only shown in IMAX 3D theaters as a 70 mm blow-up.
Dive! Manned Submersibles and the New Explorers...2007USA
Dogs of Hell1982United StatesFuture DimensionsAfter 35 mm2.35:1101Was released in Po 2.35:1
Dolphin TaleSeptember 23, 2011United StatesRed One Cameras1.85:1113
Domo Arigato1972United StatesSpaceVision 3-DAfter 35 mm2.35:193
Don 2December 23, 2011India146Nominated for Academy Award for Best Picture.
Don QuixoteOctober 15, 2010 (China)
Dracula 3DOctober 4, 2013ItalyAlso released in IMAX 3D in China, with the entire film opened up to a 1.90:1 aspect ratio.
Dracula Untold2012
Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'April 18, 2015Japan1.85:193
Dragon BladeFebruary 19, 2015China
Dragon Nest2014Chine
Dragonfly Squadron1954United StatesMonogram 3-DDual 35 mm1.85:179Was released in 2-D
Dragons 3D2013
DreddSeptember 21, 2012United StatesParadise FX 3D2.39:195
Drive AngryFebruary 25, 2011United StatesParadise FX 3D1.85:1104Also released in Digital IMAX 3D.
Drums of Tahiti1954United StatesColumbia 3-DDual 35 mm1.85:179
Dune1984David LynchUSADavid Lynch
Ecstasy '721971United StatesOptovisionDual 16 mm83OT: ____________ _____; Mosfilm; The Mysterious Monk at the Internet Movie Database
Edge of TomorrowJune 6, 2014United KingdomAlso released in IMAX 3D.
LookJuly 6, 2012IndiaFusion Camera System2.35:1133
The American: The MovieAugust 28, 2015Mexico
The heart and the sword ?? n1953MexicoTercera dimensi ?? n ?? Br priceDual 35 mm1.37:190
The horseman1954Mexico
The T.D Reporter.1953MexicoBolex StereoPs 16 mm0.67:183
Treasure of the Four Crowns (Treasure of the Four Crowns)1983Spain, United States, Italy3-DepixAfter 35 mm2.35:184
The value of living1954MexicoTercera dimensi ?? n ?? Br priceDual 35 mm1.37:183
Eldorado2012United Kingdom116The first full-time Dutch film in 3D.
Emmanuelle 41984FranceArriVision 3-DAfter 35 mm2.35:190
Encounter in the Third DimensionFebruary 26, 1999BelgiumIwerks 3-DDual 70 mm1.44:152
EpicMay 24, 2013United StatesDigital 3D2.39:1102Originally released in 1993. Also released in IMAX 3D.
Escape from Planet EarthFebruary 15, 2013CanadaAlso released in IMAX 3D.
EverestSeptember 18, 2015United Kingdom
Everything Will Be Fine2015Wim WendersWim Wenders
Exodus: Gods and KingsDecember 12, 2014United StatesWon Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Also released in IMAX 3D in selected international territories.
Experiments In Love 1976
Extraterrestrial2014CanadaColin Minihan
Far Cry2008
Female (film) (sometimes called: "Tailor-Made Beauties", "Beautiful Custom", "Beauty to Measure" or "Knights DellÕIllusione")1953ItalyChristians tridimensionalDual 35 mm94
Fighters 7May 21, 2015MalaysiaFilmed in 2D2.39:1140Also released in IMAX 3D. Only in selected international territories.[25]
Final Destination2009
Final Destination 5August 12, 2011United StatesFusion Camera System2.39:195Dubbed into English and released in the US on July 26, 2011.
Finding DoryJune 17, 2016Andrew StantonUnited States
Finding NemoSeptember 14, 2012United StatesRe-rendered in 3D1.85:1100
Flashback Memories 3DJanuary 19, 2013JapanOriginally released in 2001; re-rendered as a stereoscopic version.
Flesh for Frankenstein1973United States, Italy, FranceSpaceVision 3-DAfter 35 mm2.35:1Only partly in 3-D. Was shown in 35 mm Ps anamorphic 1.33:1.
Flight CrewApril 14, 2016Nikolai LebedevRussia
Flight to Tangier1953United StatesDynoptic 3-DDual 35 mm1.66:183
Flushed Away2004
Fly Me to the MoonAugust 15, 2008Ben StassenBelgiumDigital 3D1.85:185Released in IMAX 3D
Flying Swords of Dragon GateDecember 18, 2011China2.39:1125
Fort Ti1953United StatesNatural Vision 3-DimensionDual 35 mm1.37:164
Funk in 3D1975
40 Below and Falling2015Dylan PierceUSA
Four Dimensions of Greta1972UKSpacemaster 3-DDual 35 mm1.75:170
Foxy Boxing1983United StatesDual Video1.33:189
France1.78:141Was also released to IMAX 3D theaters in dual 70 mm (DMR blow-up) with an aspect ratio of 1.44:1.
FrankenweenieOctober 5, 2012United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:187Originally released in 2003; re-rendered as a stereoscopic version.
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare1991United StatesFreddy-Vision 3-DDual 35 mm1.85:1107
Free BirdsNovember 1, 2013United StatesDigital 3D1.85:191Also released in IMAX 3D.
Friday the 13th Part III1982United States3-DepixAfter 35 mm2.35:198OT: ____________ _ ______; Zamurovannye v stekle. Mosfilm
Fright NightAugust 19, 2011United StatesParadise FX 3D1.85:1106Also released in Digital IMAX 3D.
From Vegas to Macau IIFebruary 19, 2015Hong Kong
FrozenNovember 27, 2013United StatesDigital 3D2.39:1102
Funk1976United StatesSuper Touch 3-DAfter 35 mm2.35:19335 mm prints were Po 2.35:1. Dubbed into English and released as Love in 3-D.
Furious 7April 3, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1140
G-ForceJuly 24, 2009United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:188The first Pixar film in 3D. First 3D film to win Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Along with Avatar, first 3D films nominated for Academy Award for Best Picture.
G.I. Joe: RetaliationMarch 29, 2013United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1110
Steam : Red Requiem2010Japan
GaturroSeptember 21, 2010Argentina
GermanyFusion Camera System2.39:197Also released in Digital IMAX 3D.
GermanyDigital 3D1.85:187
Ghost Rider: Spirit of VengeanceFebruary 17, 2012United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:195
Ghosts of the AbyssApril 11, 2003United StatesReality Camera SystemDual HD1.78:171
Gi Joe Retaliation2013
Girls: Wet & Wild in 3D1993United StatesPulfrich 3-DVideo1.33:1Action, fantasy and romance feature starring M. N. Nambiar and Sasikala
Gladiators of RomeOctober 18, 2012ItalyDigital 3D2.35:195Also released in Digital IMAX 3D.
Gnomeo and JulietFebruary 11, 2011United Kingdom
GodzillaMay 16, 2014United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1123
Gog1954United StatesNatural Vision 3-DimensionDual 35 mm1.85:175
Gone with the BulletsDecember 18, 2014China2.39:1140
GoosebumpsOctober 16, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1103Also released in IMAX 3D in selected territories.
Gorilla at Large1954United StatesClear-VisionDual 35 mm1.66:1105
GravityOctober 4, 2013United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:190
Green Hornet
Green LanternJune 17, 2011United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1114
Guardians of the GalaxyAugust 1, 2014United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1122
Gulliver's TravelsDecember 25, 2010United StatesFilmed in 2D2.35:185Originally released in 2007. Rendered in 2D, converted to 3D during post-production for re-release.[2]
Gun Fury1953United StatesColumbia 3-DDual 35 mm1.85:192
Guns N Roses2014
Hannah Lee: An American Primitive1953United StatesStereo-CineDual 35 mm1.37:190
Hansel & Gretel: Witch HuntersJanuary 25, 2013United StatesArri Alexa & Stereotec 3D Rigs2.39:188
Happy Feet2011
Happy Feet 2November 18, 2011AustraliaAlso released in IMAX 3D.
Hara-Kiri : Death Of A Samurai2011Japan
Hard Candy1976United StatesDeep VisionAnaglyphic 35 mm2.35:1
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Ð Part 2July 15, 2011United Kingdom
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows 12010
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceJuly 15, 2009United KingdomWas also shown in IMAX 3D dual 70 mm with an aspect ratio of 1.44:1. The first DreamWorks Animation film in 3D. Shown in 2D cinemas with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio.
Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixJuly 11, 2007United Kingdom
Haunted Ð 3DMay 6, 2011India2.35:1143
Heavy Equipment1977United States3-DimensionsPs 16 mm1.33:1
Hellboy 22015
HerculesJuly 25, 2014United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:198Also released in IMAX 3D. Scenes shot with IMAX cameras printed with a 1.90:1 aspect ratio for Digital IMAX presentations.
Heroes of Westerplatte2013Pawel ChochlewPoland
Hidden 3D2011
Hidden Universe 3DSeptember 5, 2013Australia1.44:145
Hidden Worlds : Caves of the Dead2011Germany
Hit the Road Running1983United StatesFuture DimensionsAfter 35 mm2.35:195
Hollowood2013Richard ConnewUKNFD Productions
HomeMarch 27, 2015United StatesDigital 3D1.85:194
Hondo1953United States/Hing KongWarnerVisionDual 35 mm1.85:173
Hoodwinked Too ! Hood Vs EvilApril 29, 2011United StatesRendered in 2D1.85:187Also released in IMAX 3D.
Horrid Henry2011UK
Hot Heir1984United StatesFuture DimensionsAfter 35 mm2.35:185
Hot Skin1977United StatesDeep VisionAnaglyphic 35 mm2.35:193Also known under the English titles A Man with a Maid, Teenage Tickle Girls, The Groove Room and What the Swedish Butler Saw.
Hotel TransylvaniaSeptember 28, 2012United StatesDigital 3D1.85:191
Hotel Transylvania 2September 25, 2015United StatesDigital 3D1.85:189
House of Wax1953United StatesNatural Vision 3-DimensionDual 35 mm1.37:1102
House Rules For Bad Girls2009
How To Train Your DragonMarch 26, 2010United StatesDigital 3D2.35:198
How to Train Your Dragon 2June 13, 2014United StatesDigital 3D2.35:1102Also released in IMAX 3D.
HugoNovember 23, 2011Martin ScorceseUnited StatesFusion Camera System1.85:1126
Hyperspace (aka: Gremloids)1984United StatesStereoVisionAfter 35 mm2.35:197Action-adventure feature
I Franckenstein2014
i Robot2004Alex Proyas
I Was a Burlesque Queen1953United StatesDual 35 mm1.37:183
I, FrankensteinJanuary 24, 2014United States
I, the Jury1953United StatesStereoVisionDual 35 mm1.37:181
Ice Age Continental Drift2012USA
Ice Age Dawn of the DinosaursJuly 1, 2009United StatesDigital 3D1.85:194Also released in IMAX 3D.
IcelandFilmed in 2D2.39:1121Also released in IMAX 3D.
IcemanApril 25, 2014Hong Kong
ImmortalsNovember 11, 2011United StatesFilmed in 2D, 3ality Technica Quasar for SFX shots1.85:1110
ImpossibleDecember 4, 2015Sun ZhouChina
Impossible Mission 42011
In the Heart of the SeaDecember 11, 2015Ron HowardUnited StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:1121
Independance Day : ResurgenceJune 24,2016Roland EmmerichUnited States
IndiaDigital 3D1.78:1The Spanish title is Don Gato: The Home of the Gang.
Inferno1953United StatesClear-VisionDual 35 mm1.37:175Also known as Outlaw Territory
Inside OutJune 19, 2015United StatesDigital 3D1.85:194
International Stewardesses1973StereoVisionPs0.67:191
Ip Man 3December 24, 2015Wilson YipHong Kong
Iron Doors2010
Iron Man 3May 3, 2013United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1131
It Came from Outer Space1953United StatesUniversal 3-DDual 35 mm1.37:183
Jack the Giant SlayerMarch 1, 2013United StatesRed Epic Cameras & 3ality TS5 Rigs2.39:1114
Jackass 3DOctober 15, 2010United StatesShot in 3D1.85:194
Jaws 3-D1983United StatesArriVision 3-DAfter 35 mm2.35:185
Jesse James vs. the Daltons1954United StatesColumbia 3-DDual 35 mm1.85:183Was released in 2-D. Shown only once in 3-D, on September 13, 2006 in Hollywood.[1]
Jivaro1954United StatesParavisionDual 35 mm1.66:182Was released in 2-D
JockJuly 29, 2011South Africa
Jock The Hero Dog2011
JogayyaAugust 19, 2011India2.35:1136Also released in Digital IMAX 3D in South Korea.
John CarterMarch 9, 2012United StatesFilmed in 2D, back plates with 3ality Technica 3D rigs2.39:1132Also released in IMAX 3D.
Jokes aside1984USSRPs 70 mm1.37:196Is a 3D Malayalam film and the first 3-D film made in India.The movie was produced by Maliampurackal Appachan of Navodaya studio in Kerala
Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandFebruary 10, 2012United StatesFusion Camera System1.85:194
Journey to the Center of the EarthJuly 11, 2008United StatesFusion Camera System1.85:192
Journey to the West: Conquering the DemonsFebruary 7, 2013 (Hong Kong)
Julia X2015PJ Pettiette
Jungle Shuffle2014
Jupiter AscendingFebruary 6, 2015United KingdomAlso released in IMAX 3D. Only in China.[23]
Jurassic ParkApril 5, 2013Steven SpielbergUnited StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:1126Also released in IMAX 3D.
Jurassic WorldJune 12, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D2.00:1124
Justin and The Knight Of Valour2014
Kamasutra 3D2012
Katariveera SurasundarangiMay 10, 2012India (Karnataka)Filmed in Panasonic 3D Camera2.12:50135
Without Ears Rabbit and Zweiohrk ?? kenSeptember 26, 2013GermanyDigital 3D1.78:175
Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3DApril 21, 2010USA3ality Technica 3D rigs1.78:199
SkinsOctober 25, 2013South AfricaDigital 3D2.39:185
Kiss Me Kate1953United StatesMetrovision Tri-DeeDual 35 mm1.75:190
Koala Kid2012
KochadaiiyaanApril 11, 2014IndiaMotion Capture Animated 3D124
Animals United2010Germany
Krrish 3November 7, 2013India152
Kung Fu Panda2008
Kung Fu Panda 2May 26, 2011United StatesDigital 3D2.35:190Also released in IMAX 3D.
Kung Fu Panda 3January 29, 2016Jennifer Yuh Nelson / Alessandro CarloniUSA121Also released in IMAX 3D.
Kylie Minogue Aphrodite2011
LA Apocalypse2014
Frankenstein's Bloody Terror1968Spain, GermanyHi-Fi Stereo 70Ps anamorphic 70 mm2.20:1112Also known as Fantastic Invasion of Planet Earth and The Zoo
Night of Kings Kids2011France
Lauras Stern and the dream monstersOctober 13, 2011Germany1.78:165
The Last Wolf2015
The Suicide Shop2012Patrice LecomteFrance
The boarding of sluts1982FranceStereoVisionAfter 35 mm2.35:191
Legend of Oz : Dorothy's Return2014
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'HooleSeptember 24, 2010United States
Legendary - Tomb Of The Dragon2013
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's ReturnMay 9, 2014United StatesDigital 3D1.85:187
Tales of the Night2011France
Penguins of Madagascar2014
Light Mouth2010
Love in three dimensions1973GermanyTriaramaPs anamorphic 70 mm2.20:1Was released in Po 35 mm
Life of PiNovember 21, 2012United StatesFusion Camera System1.85:1123
Lollipop Girls in Hard Candy1976USA
Lord Of The Dance2011
The Ilusionautas2012Peru
Lost place2011Thorsten KleinGermany
Lost in WrestlingJune 5, 2015Casey ChanChina
Louisiana Territory1953United StatesFuture DimensionDual 35 mm1.37:187
LoveJuly 15, 2015France2.39:1135
LucyJuly 25, 2014Luc BessonFranceFilmed in 2D2.39:189
Machine 22-121954
Mad Max: Fury RoadMay 15, 2015George MillerAustralia
Madagascar 3June 8, 2012United StatesDigital 3D1.85:193Originally released in 1997; first (and as of 2013, only) winner of Academy Award for Best Picture to be converted to 3D. Also released in IMAX 3D, with the entire film opened up to a 1.78:1 aspect ratio.
Magic Journey to Africa2010
Magnificent Bodyguards1978Hong KongUltra VisionDual 35 mm2.35:194The English title is Dynasty
MaleficentMay 30, 2014United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:197
Man in the Dark1953United StatesColumbia 3-DDual 35 mm1.37:1Only partly in 3-D. Was released anaglyphic.
Man of SteelJune 14, 2013United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1143
Manhole1975United States3-DepixAfter2.00:1Shown anaglyphic
Mark Twain's America in 3D1998United StatesIMAX 3-DDual 70 mm1.44:1110
Mars Needs MomsMarch 11, 2011United StatesDigital 3D2.39:188
Marvel's The AvengersMay 4, 2012United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:1143Also released in IMAX 3D.
M ?? s the Black NightAugust 14, 2014MexicoDigital 3D1.85:1110Also released in IMAX 3D in China.
Maya the BeeNovember 1, 2014Australia
Mayday 3DNA2011Taiwan
Maze Runner: The Scorch TrialsSeptember 18, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1131
Meet the RobinsonsMarch 30, 2007United StatesRendered in 2D1.85:195Was released in 35 mm anaglyphic and in digital frame sequential 3D
Mega Shark vs Lolossus2015USA
MegamindNovember 5, 2010United StatesDigital 3D1.85:196
Megapython vs Gatoroid2011
Men in Black 3May 25, 2012United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:1106
Metal Storm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn1983United StatesStereoVisionAfter 35 mm2.35:1105
Metegol/Futbol??nJuly 18, 2013ArgentinaDigital 3D2.35:1107Also released in IMAX 3D.
Mexico1.78:186First film from Anima Studios to be released in 3D.
Midnight City
MinionsJuly 10, 2015United StatesDigital 3D1.85:191Also released in IMAX 3D.
Misadventures in 3D2003BelgiumnWave 3-DDual 70 mm1.44:190
Miss Sadie Thompson1953United StatesColumbia 3-DDual 35 mm1.85:181
Moby Dick2010
Mohabbat BarcelonaInside
Mojin-The Lost LegendDecember 18, 2015WuershanChina
Money from Home1953United StatesDynoptic 3-DDual 35 mm1.37:1109
Mongnyeo (aka: Lady in Dream)1968South Korea
Monk Comes Down the MountainJuly 3, 2015China2.39:1123
Monster HouseJuly 21, 2006United StatesDigital 3D2.39:191The first Disney film in 3D since Melody.
Monster Hunt2015
Monsters House 3D2008
Monsters UniversityJune 21, 2013United StatesDigital 3D1.85:1104
Monsters vs. AliensMarch 27, 2009United StatesDigital 3D1.85:194
Monsters, Inc.[11]December 19, 2012United StatesRe-rendered in 3D1.85:193First 3D film to win Academy Award for Best Director (Ang Lee); nominated for Academy Award for Best Picture.
Moomins and the Comet ChaseAugust 6, 2010FinlandFilmed in 2D1.78:177The first Universal Pictures animated film in 3D.
Mr Peabody and Sherman2014
Mr. GoJuly 17, 2013 (South Korea)Also released in IMAX 3D in selected territories.
Mr. Peabody & ShermanMarch 7, 2014United StatesDigital 3D1.85:192Only in China.[15]
MR XApril 17, 2015India
Mud Madness1983United StatesWas released anaglyphic
My Bloody Valentine 3DJanuary 16, 2009United StatesRedcode RAW1.85:1101
My Dear Kuttichathan1984IndiaStereoVisionAfter 35 mm2.35:184OT: _ ___________ _____; O strannostyakh lyubvi.Mosfilm; O strannostyakh lyubvi at the Internet Movie Database
My Soul to TakeOctober 8, 2010United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:1107
Naked Ambition2014Chine
Need for SpeedMarch 14, 2014United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1130
New ZealandDigital 3D2.35:1106Also released in Digital IMAX 3D.
Night of the Living Dead 3DNovember 10, 2006United StatesHD3Cam1.85:180
Nightmare Before Christmas1993
Nitro Circus: The MovieAugust 8, 2012United States3Ality Technica Atom1.78:191Also released in IMAX 3D, with 20 minutes of footage opened up to a 1.78:1 aspect ratio.
No and yes1967USSRPs 70 mm1.37:194Only partly in 3-D. 2-D scenes were shot on 35 mm. Shown in Ps 35 mm and anaglyphic. Co-directed by Francis Ford Coppola.
NoahMarch 26, 2014United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:1132
Northern Limit LineJune 24, 2015South Korea2.39:1130
Nova ZemblaNovember 24, 2011Netherlands2.35:1108
Nurse 3DDecember 20, 2012United States2.39:184
Old thing1958USSRLenticular35 mm1.37:1105Shown anaglyphic
Om 3D2013Inside
On the yellow porch sat...1986USSRPs 70 mm1.37:167OT: _____ _ _______; Shutki v storonu. Gorky Film Studio; Shutki v storonu at the Internet Movie Database
Ona s metloy, on v chyornoy shlyape1987USSR84The first animated feature film in 3D.
Once Upon A Time In Mumbai2011Inside
One Direction: This Is UsAugust 30, 2013United Kingdom
One Night in Hell (short)
Ooops ! Noah Is GoneDecember 9, 2015Toby GenkelGermany, Ireland, Belgium
Open SeasonSeptember 29, 2006United StatesDigital 3D1.85:186
Otto The Rhino2013
Out of InfernoSeptember 30, 2013Oxide Pang/Danny PangChine
OutcastFebruary 6, 2015United States
Oxygen: Live in Your Living RoomNovember 26, 2007FranceAnimated segments filmed in 70 mm. Released in a dual 70 mm blow-up.
Oz the Great and PowerfulMarch 8, 2013United StatesRed Epic Cameras & 3ality Technica Atom 3D Rig2.39:1130
P-51 Dragon Fighter2014
Pacific RimJuly 12, 2013United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:1132
PanOctober 9, 2015United States
Paradisio1961UKTri-OpticDual 35 mm1.66:170OT: _____ ______; Sovcolor, Odessa; Belyy pudel at the Internet Movie Database
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost DimensionOctober 23, 2015United States1.85:188
Paranormal Xperience XP3D2011
ParanormanAugust 17, 2012United StatesDigital 3D2.39:193
Parasite1982United StatesStereoVisionAfter 35 mm2.35:1Was released in 2-D
Pehchaan 3D (Identity)February 1, 2013India1.85:1108Also released in IMAX 3D in Japan.
Penguins of MadagascarNovember 26, 2014United StatesDigital 3D1.85:192
Percy Jackson: Sea of MonstersAugust 7, 2013United StatesFilmed in 2D2.35:1106
Perverted Criminal1967Japan76The film is only partly in 3-D. It was released anaglyphic.
Phantom of the Rue Morgue1954United StatesWarnerVisionDual 35 mm1.85:185Was shown in Pola-Lite 3-D Ps vertical 1.66:1
Phish 3D2010
PinaFebruary 13, 2011Wim WendersGermany1.85:1106The film was mostly converted to 3D during post-production with some scenes re-shot. Also released in Digital IMAX 3D.
Piranha 3DAugust 20, 2010United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:188
Piranha 3D 22014
Piranha 3DDJune 1, 2012United StatesParadise FX 3D1.85:183Also released in IMAX 3D.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesMay 20, 2011United StatesRed One Cameras & Technica 3D rigs/2nd Unit with Fusion Camera System2.39:1136
PixelsJuly 24, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1105
PizzaJuly 18, 2014India
PlanesAugust 9, 2013United StatesDigital 3D1.85:191
Planes Fire and RescueJuly 18, 2014United StatesDigital 3D2.39:184Also released in Digital IMAX 3D.
Point BreakDecember 25, 2015Ericson CoreUnited StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1
Police Story 2013December 24, 2013China
PoltergeistMay 22, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:193Also released in IMAX 3D in Japan.
PompeiiFebruary 21, 2014United States
Predator 3D1987
Present For You2014Yoshihiko DaiJapan
President's Day2010
Prey For Death2015
PriestMay 13, 2011United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:187Partially 3D; footages including those featuring racing sequences shot flat, then converted for technical reasons.
Prison Girls1974United StatesOptovisionDual 16 mm1.76:189Was only shot partly in 3-D. Was released in 2-D.
PrometheusJune 8, 2012Ridley ScottUnited StatesRed Epic Cameras & 3ality Technica 3D Atom Rigs2.39:1123Also released in IMAX 3D.
Puss in BootsOctober 28, 2011United StatesDigital 3D2.35:190
Qian dao wan li zhu1977Taiwan, Hong KongSuper Touch 3-DAfter 35 mm2.35:185Also known as Blonde Emmanuelle in 3-D and The Disco Dolls in Hot Skin
R.I.P.D.July 19, 2013United StatesFilmed in 2D2.35:196
Ra.OneOctober 24, 2011India154
Raaz 3August 31, 2012India2.35:1140
Ramrod1973United StatesStereo PrismPs anamorphic 16 mm1.37:193Only partly in 3-D. Was released anaglyphic.
Reexister2014Jerome GuardsFrance
Reflections of Horror[citation needed]1983Dimension 3After2.35:189
Resident Evil: AfterlifeSeptember 10, 2010Canada
Resident Evil: RetributionSeptember 14, 2012United States, Canada, GermanyRed Epic Cameras & 3ality Atom Rigs2.39:1147
Revenge of the Creature1955United StatesUniversal 3-DDual 35 mm2.00:175A single-strip 3-D version was released in Ps vertical 1.66:1
RioApril 15, 2011United StatesDigital 3D2.39:196
Rio 2April 11, 2014United StatesDigital 3D2.39:1101Also released in IMAX 3D.
Rise Of The GuardiansNovember 21, 2012United StatesDigital 3D1.85:197
Rise Of The Legend2014Chine
RoboCopFebruary 12, 2014United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1118
Robot Monster1953United StatesTru-StereoDual 35 mm1.37:181
Metanoia RPGDecember 25, 2010Philippines105
Quote Rudrama2015
Run for Cover199683
S.O.S. Planet2002USA, BelgiumnWave 3-DDual 70 mm1.44:140Also released in IMAX 3-D with a 1.44:1 aspect ratio
Sammy's AdventureBen StassenBen Stassen
Sammy's Adventure 22012Ben Stassen
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger The Movie: The Fateful WarAugust 8, 2009Japan20
San AndreasMay 29, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1114Also released in IMAX 3D.
SanctumFebruary 4, 2011AustraliaFusion Camera System1.85:1109Also released in IMAX 3D.
Sangaree1953United StatesParavisionDual 35 mm1.37:191
Saving Santa2013
Saw 3DOctober 29, 2010United States
ScarFebruary 2008United States1.78:190The IMAX 3D version was a DMR blow-up to 70 mm with an aspect ratio of 1.44:1.
Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric AdventureOctober 5, 2007United StatesDigital 3D1.44:140
Second Chance1953United StatesFuture DimensionDual 35 mm1.37:1100
Secrets of Ecstasy '721972USA
Secret Of The Wings2012
Sector 7August 4, 2011South Korea1.85:1104
September Storm1960United StatesNatural Vision 3-DimensionDual 35 mm2.35:182
Seventh SonFebruary 6, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1103
Shallow Ground2004
Shark Night 3DSeptember 2, 2011United StatesFusion Camera System1.85:191
Shark Week2012
Sharknado 3 Oh Hell No2015
Sharktopus vs Pteracuda2014USA
Sharp Date (Acute Dating)August 30, 2013PolandSony F3 DQ Rigs & AG-3DP11.85:187
Shi shan nu ni1977Hong KongOptimax IIIAfter 35 mm2.35:180
Shockwave, DarksideAugust 21, 2014United StatesDigital 3D1.85:192Also released in IMAX 3D. Scenes shot with IMAX cameras printed with a 1.90:1 aspect ratio for Digital IMAX presentations.
Shreck 32007
ShrekDecember 1, 2010United StatesRendered in 2D1.78:193
Shrek 2December 1, 2010United StatesRendered in 2D1.78:192Also released in IMAX 3D. Shown in 2D cinemas with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio.
Shrek Forever AfterMay 21, 2010United StatesDigital 3D1.85:193
Shrek the ThirdDecember 1, 2010United StatesRendered in 2D1.78:192
Side Streets of Hollywood1953USA
Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box1999Canada, United StatesIMAX 3-DDual 70 mm1.44:145
Silent Hill: Revelation 3DOctober 26, 2012United States, FranceRed Epic Cameras & 3ality Technica Rigs2.39:195
Silent Madness1984United StatesArriVision 3-DAfter 35 mm2.35:170OT: ______ ______; Uchenik lekarya. Gorky Film Studio; Uchenik lekarya at the Internet Movie Database
Sin City: A Dame to Kill ForAugust 22, 2014United StatesArri Alexa 3D1.85:1102
Sky Force2012Hong Kong
Social Nightmare2013
Son of Sinbad1955United StatesFuture DimensionDual 35 mm2.00:179Was also released in Ps vertical 2.00:1
SOS over Taiga1976USSR85Also known as Wildcat Women
Southwest Passage1954United StatesNatural Vision 3-DimensionDual 35 mm1.37:183Was also available in Pola-Lite 3-D Ps vertical 1.66:1
Space Chimps 22010
Space DogsMarch 18, 2010Russia85
Space Pirate Captain HarlockSeptember 7, 2013Japan2.39:1115
Space Station 3DApril 17, 2002Canada, United StatesIMAX 3D-30Ps 70 mm1.44:173
Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone1983Canada, United StatesMcNabb 3-DDual 35 mm2.35:199
SpainRed Epic Dragon Cameras & 3ality TS5 Rigs2.39:1150Also released in IMAX 3D in selected territories.
Spell 3DSept 11, 2014Dulyasit NiyomgulThailand
SPL II: A Time for ConsequencesJune 18, 2015Hong Kong
Spy Kids 3-D: Game OverJuly 25, 2003United StatesReality Camera SystemDual HD1.78:140
Spy Kids: All the Time in the WorldAugust 19, 2011United StatesFusion Camera System1.85:188
StalingradOctober 3, 2013RussiaRed Epic Cameras & 3ality TS5 Rigs2.39:1131
Stand By Me DoaemonAugust 8, 2014JapanDigital 3D1.85:195Also released in IMAX 3D. Only in China.[18]
Star Trek Into DarknessMay 17, 2013United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1132First 3D movie from Nepal.
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceFebruary 10, 2012Georges LucasUnited StatesFilmed in 2D2.35:1136
Star Wars: The Force AwakensDecember 18, 2015J.J AbramsUnited StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1136Also in IMAX 3D. Only in most international territories.[28]
Starchaser: The Legend of Orin1985South Korea, United StatesAfter 35 mm2.35:185
Starship Rising2014
Step Up 3DAugust 6, 2010United StatesFusion Camera System1.85:1107The first Nickelodeon film in 3D.
Step Up 3D 22014
Step Up RevolutionJuly 27, 2012United StatesRed Epic Cameras & 3ality Technica TS5 Rigs2.39:199
Step Up: All InAugust 8, 2014United States1.85:1112
Street Dance 22012
Streetdance 3D2010
Supergirls for Love1983GermanyArriVision 3-DAfter 35 mm2.35:1111
Superman ReturnsJune 28, 2006Australia
Surfer Girls1978United StatesStereoVisionPs 35 mm1.37:180
Swingtail1971United StatesWorldviewAnaglyphic 35 mm1.85:180OT: ___ _ __; Net i da
SwitchJune 9, 2013 (China)Also released in IMAX 3D.
Sword MasterDecember 2015Derek YeeChina
T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousOctober 23, 1998United StatesIMAX 3-DDual 70 mm1.44:152Also released in 8/70 prints with an aspect ratio of 1.35:1
Tad The Lost Explorer2012
Tai Chi 0September 27, 2012China2.35:199
Tai Chi HeroOctober 25, 2012Hong Kong
Taken 3January 9, 2015FranceFilmed in 2D2.39:1109
Tales of the Third Dimension1984United StatesStereoVisionAfter 35 mm2.35:186
TangledNovember 24, 2010United StatesDigital 3D1.85:1100
Cup, Son of Cochise1954United StatesUniversal 3-DDual 35 mm2.00:165
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesAugust 8, 2014United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1101Also released in IMAX 3D.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Out Of The ShadowsJune3, 2016Dave GreenUnited States
Tekken: Blood VengeanceJuly 26, 2011Japan1.85:192Also released in IMAX 3D. Approximately half of the film was shot in 2D and converted to 3D during post-production.[3]
Tenderness2015Waclaw MiklaszewskiPoland
Terminator GenisysJuly 1, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1126Also released in IMAX 3D.
Land of Ours2013
Texas Chainsaw 3DJanuary 4, 2013United StatesRed Epic Cameras & Technica 3D Atom Rigs2.39:192
Mama Thanga1985IndiaStereoVisionAfter2.35:195Released in the United States in 1988.
Thank You2011Inside
The 7th Dwarf2014Germany
The Abduction of a Century1981USSRPs 70 mm1.37:185
The Adventures of Sharkboy and LavagirlJune 10, 2005United StatesReality Camera System1.85:193
The Adventures of TintinOctober 24, 2011[5]United States
The Amazing Spider-ManJuly 3, 2012United StatesRed Epic Cameras & 3ality TS5 Rigs2.39:1136Also released in Digital IMAX 3D in selected territories.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2May 2, 2014United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1142
The Angry Birds MovieMay 20, 2016Fergal Reilly, return to clayUnited States
The Ant BullyJuly 28, 2006United StatesDigital 3D1.85:189
The Apprentice of Physician1983USSRPs 70 mm1.37:1
The Arti : The adventure Begins2015Chine
The Battle Of The Year2013
The Bell Witch Hunting2013
The Bellboy and the Playgirls1962United States, GermanyOptovisionDual 16 mm1.66:167OT: ______; Druzhok; Gorky Film Studio, Druzhok - it's a dog name.
The BFGJuly 1, 2016Steven SpielbergUnited States
The Book of LifeOctober 17, 2014United StatesDigital 3D2.39:195
The Bounty Hunter1954United StatesWarnerVisionDual 35 mm1.85:192The English title is Neapolitan Turk
The BoxtrollsSeptember 26, 2014United StatesDigital 3D1.85:196
The Bubble1966United StatesSpaceVision 3-DAfter 35 mm2.35:199
The Burbot1953USSRStereokinoPs 35 mm1.37:1Demonstration film
The Capitol Hill Girls1977United StatesLazerVisionPs 35 mm1.37:187
The Chamber-Maids1971United StatesTriaramaPs anamorphic1.33:174OT: _______ _ _______ ________; Chelovek v zelenoy perchatke
The Charge at Feather River1953United StatesNatural Vision 3-DimensionDual 35 mm1.37:1
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderDecember 10, 2010United Kingdom
The Creators2012
The Creeps1997
The CroodsMarch 22, 2013United StatesDigital 3D2.35:198
The CrossingDecember 2, 2014 (part 1)
The Damned - Gallows Hill2013
The Darkest HourDecember 23, 2011United States3ality Technica 3D rigs2.35:190
The Darkness Rage and The Fury2014
The Dead The Damned and the Darkness2014
The Diamond (aka The Diamond Wizard)1954UKSpacemaster 3-DDual 35 mm1.66:1OT: _____; Based on the stories of Anton P. Chekhov "The Burbot", "Fishy business," "From the notes of hot-tempered man."
The District 8D2012Eric Novak / Aron joyHungary
The Divergent Series: InsurgentMarch 20, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1119
The Final Countdown1980
The Final DestinationAugust 28, 2009United StatesFusion Camera System2.39:182
The Finest HourJanuary 26, 2016Craig GillespieUSA
The Flesh and Blood Show1972UK, United StatesSpacemaster 3-DDual 35 mm1.75:165
The Flying MachineNovember 4, 2011United Kingdom
The Forbidden Girl2012Hastings ReiterGermany
The Four Final Battle2014
The Four IIDecember 6, 2013China
The Four IIIAugust 22, 2014China
The French Line1953United StatesFuture DimensionDual 35 mm1.66:175
The FrogvilleOctober 3, 2014Taiwan85First fully 3D film in Bhutan
The Glass Web1953United StatesUniversal 3-DDual 35 mm1.85:195
The Gold Hunt (sometimes called: "The Fortune Hunters")1953JapanDual 35 mm82
The Good DinosaurNovember 25, 2015United StatesDigital 3D2.39:1
The Grandmaster2015Chine
The Great GatsbyMay 10, 2013United StatesRed Epic Cameras & 3ality TS5 Rigs2.39:1143Also released in IMAX 3D.
The Greatest Miracle2011
The Green HornetJanuary 14, 2011United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1119
The Hidden DimensionMay 9, 1997Canada, United StatesIMAX 3-DDual 70 mm1.44:166
The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyDecember 14, 2012Peter JacksonNew Zealand
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesDecember 17, 2014Peter JacksonNew Zealand
The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugDecember 13, 2013Peter JacksonNew Zealand
The Hole2009
The House Of MagicDecember 25, 2013France
The House That Never DiesJuly 18, 2014China90
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Ð Part 1November 21, 2014United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1123
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Ð Part 2November 20, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1137
The Iceman2014
The Jungle BookApril 15, 2016Jon FavreauUSA
The Last AirbenderJuly 1, 2010United StatesFilmed in 2D2.35:1103The film was also released to IMAX 3D theaters as a 70 mm blow-up with an aspect ratio of 1.44:1. Shown in 2D cinemas with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio.
The Legend of HerculesJanuary 10, 2014United StatesRed Epic & 3Ality Atom rigs2.39:199
The Legend Of Jung Fu Rabbit2011Sun LijunChina
The Lego MovieFebruary 7, 2014Australia
The Lion KingSeptember 16, 2011United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:190
The Lion of JudahJune 3, 2011United States1.85:187India's first 3D horror film
The Little Mermaid1989
The Little Prince2015
The LoraxMarch 2, 2012United StatesDigital 3D1.85:187Also released in Digital IMAX 3D, with the entire film opened up to a 1.85:1 aspect ratio.
The Mad Magician1954United StatesColumbia 3-DDual 35 mm1.85:173
The Magical Duvet2011Frantisek A. BrabenCzech Republic
The Man Who Wasn't There1983United StatesOptimax IIIAfter 35 mm2.35:166
The MartianOctober 2, 2015United StatesRed Epic Dragon Cameras & 3ality TS5 Rigs2.39:1141Only in selected international territories.
The Mask1961CanadaDepth DimensionDual 35 mm1.85:191The film was released in 2-D
The Maze1953United StatesMonogram 3-DDual 35 mm1.37:183
The Maze Runner2014
The MirrorSeptember 25, 2015China
The Monkey KingJanuary 30, 2014 (Hong Kong)Hong Kong
The Monkey King 2February 8, 2016Cheang Pou-soiHong Kong
The Moonlighter1953United StatesNatural Vision 3-DimensionDual 35 mm1.37:163
The Mummy : Resurrected2014
The Mysterious Monk1968USSRPs 70 mm1.37:1Adult film
The Nebraskan1953United StatesColumbia 3-DDual 35 mm1.85:170Originally released in sepia tone.
The Nightmare Before ChristmasOctober 20, 2006United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:176
The North and South Chivalry1977Hong KongDual 35 mm2.35:171OT: S.O.S. ___ ______; SOS Nad Taygoy. Mosfilm; SOS Nad Taygoy at the Internet Movie Database
The Nut JobJanuary 17, 2014Canada
The Nut Job 2January 15, 2016Canada
The Nutcracker in 3DNovember 24, 2010Hungary
The Peanuts MovieNovember 6, 2015United StatesDigital 3D1.85:193
The Pencil on Ice1954USA
The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!March 28, 2012United KingdomOriginally released in 1999.
The Playmates in Deep Vision 3-D1974United StatesDeep VisionAnaglyphic 35 mm1.85:185Only partly in 3-D. Was released anaglyphic.
The Polar ExpressNovember 10, 2004United StatesDigital 3-DDual 70 mm2.00:159Released in 35 mm anaglyphic, digital anaglyphic and dual 70 mm (IMAX).
The Power of Love1922USA
The Precious gift1956USSRLenticularPs1.37:1117
The Protector 2October 23, 2013Thailand2.35:1104
The Seventh DwarfSeptember 25, 2014GermanyDigital 3D1.85:187
The Shock Labyrinth 3D2009Japan
The SmurfsJuly 29, 2011United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:1103
The Smurfs 2July 31, 2013United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:1105
The Snow QueenDecember 31, 2012Russia2.35:180
The Sorcerer and the White SnakeSeptember 28, 2011 (China)
The SpongeBob Movie - Sponge Out Of WaterFebruary 6, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:193
The Starlets1977United StatesQuadravision 4-DPs 35 mm1.37:175Also known as M 3-D! The Movie and The Lollipop Girls
The State Hermitage Museum2011
The Stewardesses1969United StatesStereoVisionPs anamorphic 35 mm1.33:186The English title is With Death on Your Back
The Strange House[26]July 24, 2015China87Also released in IMAX 3D in selected territories.
The Stranger Wore a Gun1953United StatesColumbia 3-D35 mm1.85:177
The Taking of Tiger MountainDecember 24, 2014China
The Thord Time Lucky 3D2011Tch quiet ??
The Three MusketeersOctober 21, 2011United StatesFirst Polish 3D film.
The Time Machine2002
The Vortex2012
The WalkOctober 9, 2015United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1123
The White Haired Witch of Lunar KingdomJuly 31, 2014ChinaFilmed in 2D2.39:1103
The White Poodle1956USSRPs 35 mm1.37:1100Was released in 2-D
The Wizard of OzSeptember 20, 2013/1939United StatesFilmed in 2D1.37:1101
The WolverineJuly 26, 2013United States
The Young and Prodigious T.S. SpivetOctober 16, 2013Jean Pierre JeunetFranceAlso released in IMAX 3D in Russia, the CIS, and China.
This Ain't Avatar XXXSeptember 23, 2011United StatesShot in 3D129
ThorMay 6, 2011United StatesFilmed in 2D2.35:1114The first film to use the IMAX Digital 3D camera.
Thor: The Dark WorldNovember 8, 2013United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1112
Those Redheads From Seattle1953United StatesParavisionDual 35 mm1.66:168
Three Dimensions of Greta1972USA
Thunder And The House Of Magic2013
Tiger Man1978United StatesImpact 3-DAfter 35 mm2.35:1Martial arts drama feature
Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast2014
Titanic 100 Years In 3D2012
Titanic 3DApril 4, 2012/1997United StatesFilmed in 2D2.35:1194Also released in Digital IMAX 3D.
Top Banana1954United StatesNatural Vision 3-DimensionDual 35 mm1.37:192Was released in 2-D
Top Cat BeginsOctober 30, 2015Mexico
Top Cat: The MovieSeptember 16, 2011Mexico
Top Gun1986Tony Scott
Creek 4March 9, 2011Spain3ality Technica 3D rigs1.85:193
Toy StoryOctober 2, 2009/1995United StatesRe-rendered in 3D1.85:181Shown in 2D cinemas with an aspect ratio of 2.39:1.
Toy Story 2October 2, 2009United StatesRe-rendered in 3D1.85:192
Toy Story 3June 18, 2010United StatesDigital 3D1.85:1103
TranscendenceMay 2013ChinaBlack and White opening sequence printed with a 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Also released in IMAX 3D.
TranscendenceApril 18, 2014United StatesAlso released in IMAX 3D in selected territories.
Transformers: Age of ExtinctionJune 27, 2014United StatesRed Epic Dragon Cameras & 3ality TS5 Rigs2.39:1165
Transformers: Dark of the MoonJune 29, 2011United StatesFusion Camera System2.39:1154
Tron: LegacyDecember 17, 2010United StatesFusion Camera System2.35:1126Originally released in 2001. Rendered in 2D, converted to 3D during post-production for re-release.[2]
True LegendFebruary 9, 2010 (China)The first Argentinian film and first flash animated film in 3D.
TurboJuly 17, 2013United StatesDigital 3D2.35:196Also released in IMAX 3D.
Ulysses1954ItalyChristians tridimensionalDual 35 mm1.66:172
A Gallo with Many EggsAugust 20, 2015MexicoDigital 3D1.85:198
A monster ?? Paris2011Bibo Bergeron
A turkish Neapolitan1953ItalyRichardson 3-DDual 35 mm1.37:190
Under the SeaFebruary 2009United States
Underworld: AwakeningJanuary 20, 2012United StatesRed Epic Cameras & Technica 3D Atom Rigs2.39:189Also released in IMAX 3D in China.[7]
Universal Soldier: Day of ReckoningNovember 30, 2012United States2.35:1113
UpMay 29, 2009United StatesDigital 3D1.85:196
Up 3D2011
Upside Down[10]August 31, 2012Canada2.35:1103
Vicky and the Treasure of the GodsNovember 29, 2011Christian DitterGermanyArri Alexa & STEREOTEC Mid Size Rig2.35:196Originally released in 2000.
Vigilante 3DApril 5, 2013NepalQubeMaster 3D 2k105
Viy 3DJanuary 30, 2014Oleg StepchenkaRussia
Vsadnik na zolotam kone (English title: The Man on the Golden Horse)1980USSR
Walled in glass1978USSRPs 70 mm1.37:198The US version is called Revenge of the Shogun Women
Wanted 3D2009Inside
War of the Worlds: GoliathNovember 15, 2012MalaysiaFilmed in 2D[12]1.85:182
WarcraftJune 10, 2016Duncan JonesUnited States
Warlords (Tau Ming Chong)2007Chine
We are Still Here2015Ted GeogheganUSA84
Where's the Dragon?October 23, 2015China
White Haired Witch Of Lunar KingdomApril 23, 2014China
Wild OceanMarch 2008CanadaIMAX 3D, Fusion Camera System, Dual 35mm1.44:145Was also released on dual 70 mm
Wild Safari 3DApril 8, 2005BelgiumDual 35 mm1.44:140
Wings of Courage1995United States, FranceIMAX 3-DDual 70 mm1.44:1OT: ___ _ ______, __ _ ______ _____; Gorky
Wings of the Hawk1953United StatesUniversal 3-DDual 35 mm1.85:166
Wintertime Tale1952USA
Winx Club 3D: Magical AdventureOctober 29, 2010Italy2.35:187
Wolf TotemFebruary 13, 2015 (China)Also released in IMAX 3D.
Wolf WarriorsApril 2, 2015China2.39:190
World War ZJune 21, 2013United StatesFilmed in 2D2.39:1116
Wrath of the TitansMarch 30, 2012United StatesFilmed in 2D1.85:199First Tamil film in 3D.
Wreck-It RalphNovember 2, 2012United StatesDigital 3D2.39:1101Also released in Digital IMAX 3D.
X-Men : ApocalypseMay 27, 2016Bryan SingerUnited States
X-Men: Days of Future PastMay 23, 2014United StatesArri Alexa 3D2.39:1130
YellobirdFebruary 18, 2015FranceDigital 3D1.85:190
Yogi BearDecember 17, 2010United StatesFusion Camera System1.85:180Originally released in 2004. Rendered in 2D, converted to 3D during post-production for re-release.[2]
Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea DragonSeptember 28, 2013China2.39:1133[13]
Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond TimeJanuary 23, 2010Japan1.85:149Originally released in 1999; re-rendered as a stereoscopic version.[1]
Zapatlela 2June 7, 2013India119
Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark CrystalFebruary 19, 2015China
Zhu Zhu Pets Quest For Zhu 3D2011
Zombie 3[2]1984Italy35 mm1.85:190Also known as The Great Balloon Chase
Zombie Chronicles2001United StatesNu-ViewVideo field sequential1.33:140
ZootopiaMarch 4, 2016USA40