TitleAnn??eeDirectorPaysProdSyst ?? emeAnalogue / Name ?? RiqueFormatDur??ee3D
3D Safari1992France
3D SunMarch 1, 2008United StatesDual HD1.44:1
Adventure Caribbean Diving With Sharks2012
African Adventure: Safari in the OkavangoMay 1, 2007BelgiumDual 35 mm1.44:140
African Safari2013Belgium / France
Air Racers2012IMAX 3D
Aliens of the DeepJanuary 28, 2005United States
Amazing Ocean2013
American Southewest2012
ArabiaMay 24, 2010United StatesIMAX 3D1.44:140
Before The Games2012Nicolas ThibaultFrance
Baby Animals1985
Bahamas Mysterious Caves and Wreks2012Juegen KlimmeckKSM GmbH
Born To Be WildApril 8, 2011United StatesDual 70 mm, Dual HD1.44:141
Brian May's Brief History of 3D2011
Bugs A Rainforest Adventure2003
California Dreams2012Cameron HughesFrance
Cane Toads The Conquest2010
Canine Soldiers2014Nancy SchiesariUSA
Cathedrals Of Culture2014Wim WendersGermany
Cave of Forgotten DreamsSeptember 13, 2010Canada
Charlie Victor Romeo2013
Chimay Music Of A Great Ch??teau2014Philippe ChiwyBelgium
Conquest Of The Skies2014
Coral Fish2011
Coral Reef Magic Of The Indo Pacific2013
D-Day2014Pascal Vuong/Ronan ChapalainFranceN3DLand
David Attenborough's Conquest Of The Skies2014
Deapsee Challenge2014James CameronUSA
Deep Sea 3DMarch 3, 2006Canada
Dinosaurs AliveMarch 30, 2007United StatesIMAX 3D1.44:140Originally released in 1993.
Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia 3D2007USA
Dolphins and Whales Tribes Of The OceanFebruary 15, 2008United StatesDual HD1.44:142
Earth Song - Erika's Dream1985Japan
Echoes of the Sun1990USA
Waiting Hell2013Pascal vasselinFrance
Eternal Iron and Man1985JAPAN
Fascinating India2014
Fascination Amazon2012
Fire Ants The Invicible Army2012
First Desent2005
Flying Monsters 3DMay 6, 2011United Kingdom1.78:139
Freiburg in 3D2012
Galapagos With Davis Attenborough2013
GalapagosOctober 27, 1999Canada, United StatesIwerks 3DDual 70 mm1.34:190
Geography Od The Universe2014
Ghost Of The Abyss2003
Grand Canyon Advenure River At RiskMarch 2008United StatesIMAX 3D1.44:144
Hershey's Really Big 3D Show2002USA
Hidden Universe2013IMAX 3D
History Of TheWorld in Two Hours2011
HubbleMarch 19, 2010United StatesIMAX 3D1.44:145
Inside The Great War2014Nikolai VialkowitschGermany
Inside the Mind of Leonardo2013UK
Into The Deep1994
Irons In The Fire2014Yoav SegalUK
Island Of Lemurs2014
Jean-Michel Cousteau's Secret OceanMarch 19, 2015AustraliaIMAX 3D
JerusalemSeptember 2013Digital IMAX45
Journey to South PacificNovember 13, 2013USAIMAX 3D
Journey to the SpaceFebruary 13, 2015USAIMAX 3D
Kalahari Meerkats2012
Kingdom Of Plants2012
Kingdom Of Plants : Solving the Secrets2012
The Odyss ?? e of Sea Monsters2014
L5 Firts City in Space1996
Land Of The Bears2014
Las Vegas2012
Legends Of FlightJune 11, 2010CanadaIMAX 3D1.44:142
Lions 3D: Roar of the KalahariJanuary 26, 2007United StatesFilmed in IMAX 2D1.44:140The 3D version was only shown in IMAX 3D theaters as a 70 mm blow-up.
Little Monsters2013
Live nativity Play Of Trades In Sant Guim De la Plana2014Montserrat PuertolasSpain
Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3DSeptember 23, 2005United StatesIMAX 3D1.44:140
Maidan Today2014Stephane DalmatFrance
Monsters of the Abyss2005Pascal Vuong/Ronan ChapalainN3DLand
Mummies Secrets of The Pharaohs2007
Mummy: The Inside Story2004UK
Vatican museums2013Italy
Mysteries Of The Unseen World2013IMAX 3D
NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience2004USA
Ocean Giants2013
Ocean Wonderland1987
Ocean WonderlandFebruary 11, 2003UK, FranceDual HD1.44:144Contains sequences converted from 2-D. Released in IMAX 3-D.
Ocean World 3D2009
On A Long Breath2014Philippe GerardFrance3DLized
One Night At The Natural History Museum2014GB
Now2011Philippe BaylaucqCanada
Our Universe2013
Hurricanes2015Cyril Barban??onFrance
Papua The Secret Island Of The Cannibals2012
Patagonia In The Foosteps Of Charles Darwin2012
Penguins2012IMAX 3D
Planet Dinosaur2011
Polar Bears A Summer Odyssey2012
RescueJune 17, 2011CanadaDual 70 mm, Dual HD1.44:145
Ride and Fly2012EmmbeFranceHFR
RobotsJanuary 19, 2015USAIMAX 3D
Sea Monsters2007USA
Sea Rex 3D: Journey to a Prehistoric WorldMay 14, 2010Pascal Vuong/Ronan ChapalainUnited KingdomN3DLand
Shark Adventures In Thailand2012
Sharks 3DDecember 15, 2004France, Bahamas, UKDual HD1.78:184Was released anaglyphic
Shooting Star1992USA
SOS Planet2002IMAX 3D
South America : Fascination Amazon2012
Space Junk2012USAIMAX 3D
Space Station2002
Storm Surfers 3DAugust 14, 2012AustraliaFilmed in 3D1.78:195Visual effects 3D.
T-Rex - Back to the Cretaceous1998USA
The Builder's Challenge2013Marc JampolskisFrance
The Dino King2012And color ??
The Fascinating World of Materials1993USA
The Hidden Dimension1997USAIMAX 3D
The Incredible Journey Of The moarch Butterfly2012
The Jungle 3D : Magic Of Another World2012
The Last Buffalo1990USA
The Last Rief : Cities Beneath The Sea2012IMAX 3D
The Singapore Story: Overcoming the Odds2000Singapore
The Southe Seath Bikini Atoll Ans Marshall islands2012
The Ultimate Wave TahitiFebruary 12, 2010United StatesIMAX 3D1.44:1IMAX 3D theaters showed an IMAX DMR blow-up with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1. Shown in both 1.78:1 and 2.39:1 in standard 3D cinemas. Along with Up, first 3D film nominated for Academy Award for Best Picture.
The Universe - Catasptrophes That Changed The Planets2011
The Universe - How The Solar System Was Made2011
Timeless Taiwan2010
To The Artcic2012
Tornado Alley2011USAIMAX 3D
TT3D Closer To The EdgeApril 22, 2011United Kingdom1.85:1104
Turtle : The Incredible Journey2011
Ultimate GS2000
Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D2010USA
Under the Sea 3D2009USA
Vision Of Nature2011
Walking With DinosaursDecember 20, 2013United KingdomWon Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.
Water the Source of Life1984USA
We Are Born Of Stars1985USA
White Lion2010
Wild Animals2012
Wild Ocean2008USA
Wildlife South Africa2011
World Natural Heritage USA Grand Canyon2012
World Natural Heritage USA Yellowstone Nationalpark2012
World War II2011
You Planet An Exploration2012
ZambeziaJuly 3, 2012South AfricaDigital 3D1.85:183
Zenobia2013Michel PatientFrance