TitleAnn??eeDirectorPays  Syste??meAnalogue/Num??eriqueFormatDur??ee3D
3D Jamboree1956USA
3-D Musical1952USA
6 Miniature Cabinets2012Francois VogelFrance
A Better Mousetrap2004USA
A Day in the Country1953USA
A Way of Thinking1954USA
A Solid Explanation1951USA
Across the Sea of Time1995USA
Ahead of Time1995USA
Airground2014Sylvia NicolaidesCzech Republic
Alien Adventure1999Ben StassenBelgium
Around is Around1951
Artist's Examination1952USA
Auguries Of Innocence2013Thomas VillepouxFrance
Bandit Island1953USA
Bloodrop2011Alexei PopogrebskyRussia
Boo Moon1953USA
Borg Invasion2004USA
Call Her Lotte2014Annekathrin WetzelGermany
Capstan Cigarettes1952USA
Captain EO1986USA
Carnival in April1953
Coca Cola: In Search of the Secret Formula2007USA
College Capers1953USA
Corkscrew Hill2001USA
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth1953
Coyote Falls2010USA
Cyberworld 3D2000USA
Curse of DarKastle ... The Ride2005USA
Daffy's Rhapsody2012USA
Day & Night2010USA
Deepo's Undersea 3D Wondershow2005USA
Delusion 3D2008
Dino Island II - Escape from Dino Island1998USA
Doom Town (aka: Assignment A-Bomb)1953USA
Down the Hatch1954USA
Elysian Fields2014Ina Conradi ChavezSingapore
Encounter in the Third Dimension1999
Falling in Love Again2003
Flamingo Pride2011Tomer EshedGermany
Foxed !2013James Stewart/Nev BezaireCanada
Frames2014Emmanuel AlbanoKorea
Fur of Flying2010USA
Get a Horse2013USA
Haunted castle2001Ben StassenBelgium
Haunted Lighthouse2003Joe DanteUSA
Haunts of the Olde Country1993USA
Hawaiian Nights1954USA
Honey, I Shrunk the Audience1995USA
Hotbox2014Nick KalishUSA
Hot Fall 3D2014John HerndonGermany
Hypnotic Hick1953USA
I Lost My M In Vegas1998USA
I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat2011USA
Inner FireCeline TricartFrance
In Tune With Tomorrow1939USA
Its Tough to be a Bug2001USA
Jumping Out Sunday (aka: Tobidashita Nichiyobi)1953Japan
King Kong 360 3D2010USA
Knick Knack1989
La shooter1999France
Lapse Of Time2012Celine TricartFrance
Later in the Restaurant2014Karel BataUK
Lego Racers 4D2002USA
London Tribute1953
Lumber Jack-Rabbit1953USA
Lumiere 3-D Tests1934France
M.A.R.S. (aka: Mars Calling) (aka: The Man From Mars) (later re-released as: Radio-Mania)1922USA
Mad Racers1996USA
Magic Journeys1982USA
Marciano-Walcott Fight1953
Marvin the Martian in the Third Dimension1996USA
May Day 19521952USA
Mickey's Philharmagic2003USA
Milwaukee-Chicago Baseball Game1953USA
M.L. Gunzburg Presents the Third Dimension (aka: Time for Beany)1952
Moon Man2004
Motor Rhythm1953USA
Movies of the Future1922USA
Mr. Hublot2013Laurent Witz / Alexandre EspigaresLuxembourg11
Muppet*vision 3-D1991USA
Mysteries f The Unseen World201'Louie SchwartzbergFrance
Nat "King" Cole With Russ Morgan's Orchestra (aka: Nat "King" Cole Sings "Pretend")1953USA
New Audioscopiks1936USA
New Dimensions1940USA
Now is the Time (to put on your glasses)1951USA
Obake no Q-Taro1986Japan
On The Ball1952
Paint Misbehavin'1997
Pardon My Backfire1953USA
Partly Cloudy2009USA
Pikachu's Ocean Adventure2006
Plan 3-D from Outer Space1985
Popeye, Ace of Space1953
Proverbs In 3D2012Nicolas CharmelFrance
Rabid Rider2010USA
Race for Atlantis1998USA
Royal River1951USA
Ruin (short)2011
Santa Lights Up New York2001USA
Scrat's Continental Crack-up2010USA
Search for Myuu2005Japan
Shrek 4D2003USA
Snap2012Thomas G. murphyBelgium/UK
Space Attack (aka The Adventures of Sam Space)1953USA
Spellbreaker 4D Movie2006UK
Split 3D : The Hidden Truth2014Saiful Aziman Mazlan
SpongeBob SquarePants 3D2003USA
F ?? te evening2013France
Remember Me2013Josephine DerobeFrance
Spooks (aka: Tails of Horror)1953USA
Stan Lee's 7th Portal2001USA
Star of the Screen1953USA
Stardust in Your Eyes1953USA
Terminator 2: 3-D: Battle Across Time1996USA
The Adventures Of barty And The Pirate2014Mark ChavezSingapore
The Big Showdown2012Jean-Nicolas RivatFrance
The Birds 3D1996USA
The Black Swan1951USA
The Brightness2014Cecile B. EvansFrance
The Butler's in Love2008USA
The Collection2012Andrew MurchieUK
The Fairy-Tale Cookery Chronicles 3D2012Kamil JaworekPoland
The Fortune Hunters (aka: Two)1953Japan
The Good The Bad And The Horse2012Ben SmithUK
The IMAX Nutcracker1997USA
The Legend2012Hani KichiUnited Arab Emirates
The Little Prince2012Jeremie Degrusson/Philippe TailliezBelgium
The Longest Daycare2012
The Mask (3D Ridefilm)2002USA
The Nude2014Mathieu MercierFrance
The Owl and the Pussycat1952USA
The Run-Away Taxi1922USA
The Silver Ghosts2014Caroline OrmeGermany
The Simple Carnival2014Jeff BollerUSA
The Whitewashing Of 5 Point2014Ben ScwartzUSA
Third Dimension Murder1941USA
This is Triorama1953USA
Thrills for You (aka: Pennsylvania Railroad's Magic Movies)1939USA
Timeriede Vienna2012Jorg CourtialGermany
Time Out1999USA
Toyko Mater2008USA
Toy Story Mania 3D2008USA
Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation2011United States
Two Guys from Tick Ridge1973USA
Ultimate G's2000USA
untitled 3D demonstration footage by Edwin S. Porter and William E. Waddel1915
Waking the T. REX 3D: The Story of SUE2010USA
Wings 3D2012Krystof SzafraniecPoland
Working for Peanuts1953USA