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Founded by Jean-Louis and Thibaut de Bougrenet, Eyes3Shut is a spin-off company of TELECOM Bretagne (TELECOM Institute).

The mission of Eyes3Shut is to engineer and manufacture new generations of active glasses and related equipments for 3-D digital projection and displays. Eyes3Shut glass is a lightweight, wireless robust set of liquid crystal shutter eyewear for high-quality stereo 3-D imaging in engineering and video applications.

Backed on technical innovation and know-how transferred from the Optics Department of TELECOM Bretagne, Eyes3Shut technology takes advantage of most recent advances in composite liquid crystal technology, combined to a new goggle packaging well suited to cinema exhibition needs (wipeable, anti-theft device, changeable hull, according to special events, goodies etc.).

Eyes3Shut glasses are environment friendly (rechargeable battery) and unbreakable.

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